Jasmin/Mimosa/Neroli Noir Mini Set

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Jasmin/Mimosa/Neroli Noir Mini Set

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Botanicals take center stage in this luxurious collection inspired by nature’s bounty. Jasmin and Mimosa are the perfect florals—like perfume after a few hours of wear—light, subtle, and elusive. Neroli is a light citrus, energizing and fresh and slightly sweet.

  • NEROLI: Notes of sage, lily, neroli, and jasmine over a base of orange blossom and amber commingle in this uplifting and energizing fragrance inspired by neroli oil, the sweet bright oil extracted from the blossom of an orange tree. 
  • MIMOSA: An elusive and mysterious floral highlighting notes of mimosa, lavender, rose, and orchid over a powdery base of musk and cashmere.
  • JASMIN: Intoxicating and feminine, Jasmin is reminiscent of a tangle of jasmine vines—a deep floral inducing harmony and optimism. Top notes of tea leaf and bergamot disperse to reveal a heart of ylang-ylang and jasmine atop a base of sandalwood and musk. 

Estimated burn time: 20 hrs per candle / 60 hrs combined