Lavender & Camomile Hand Cream

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Lavender & Camomile Hand Cream

Estella Bartlett

Both lavender and camomile contain anti inflammatory properties, making them ideal for those that suffer with red blotchy skin and acne. The word lavender comes from the Latin word for washing, highlighting its long term association with cleanliness and calm.

Moisturisers have many functions, with the main purpose being to keep your skin hydrated. They do this by holding water and moisture in the outermost layer of the skin, helping to create a smooth, soft surface as well as a protective barrier against the elements. Our handbag sized hand creams are formulated to help nourish and revive the skin and can be used on the hands, body and face. The non-greasy and lightweight creams are fast absorbing for a quick fix, wherever you are and should be used daily to keep the skin supple and soft. Not only do our aromatic hand creams smell divine, they also soften and nourish your skin with their blend of natural oils and extracts. If you’re struggling to choose between hand creams, then why not check out our mini hand cream set, which includes a trio of scents.